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The National Association of Master Painters (MLF) is a business and employer organization for craftscompanies within floorlaying and painting.

The National Association of Master Painters organize nearly 300 companies within the paint- and floorlaying industry in Norway. 

The National Association of Master Painters was founded  February 22.nd 1908. Prior to that, the painters had been organized for many many years in local guilds. The first guild was founded in Bergen in 1743. Today, our administration is in Oslo, and to this day, we still have 18 local guilds. We work together locally and nationally to develope and enhance our craft and competitiveness, and we work politically to improve the conditions for running craftbusinesses in Norway.

  • Our objective is to actively to strengthen the competence and improve profitability in the industry
  • Our objective is to be a serious and respected industry
  • We work for a safe and secure working environment in the companies
  • Our objective is  to ensure that the member companies get a sufficiently qualified workforce
  • We ensure competitive pay and working conditions in a productive, flexible and inclusive labor market
  • We contribute to develope an environmentally friendly and sustainable industry

Nordic Collaboration

NMO, Nordic Meeting meets every second year to to discuss mutual challenges and to inspire further development of the industry. Together with our Nordic collaborators, we also organize Nordic Championship every 2.nd year. 


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